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Jeremy & Ashley Helicopter Proposal - A Heli of a Love Story

Love knows no bounds, and today it took to the skies with SunState Helicopter Tours, the longest running and currently operating Phoenix helicopter tour company. And believe us when we tell you, if you want to take your proposal to new heights, there is no higher place to propose until commercial space travel becomes an actual thing. Jeremy called us up and wanted to know how SunState could help him create the perfect proposal. He wanted the moment to be perfect, and requested professional photo support to capture every last detail of this perfect moment with his love, Ashley. Our pilot, Chris Dobkins and Jeremy discussed many options and settled on the Paradise Valley tour, which would take Ashley out over the mountains, past the Fountain Hills fountain and over Bartlett Lake, where he would make his helicopter proposal. We also enlisted the services of master photographer Josh Gray of Eclpst LLC, a local photo and video marketing agency, based in Cottonwood to produce a short video and take some stunning engagement photos of the couple (that you will see below.) When the couple showed up at the SunState Helicopter Tours flight office, Jeremy was cool and collected, and Ashley didn’t suspect a thing. We weighed them in, took a few photos in front of the R44 Raven with the McDowell mountains in the background and proceeded to go over safety procedures and board the helicopter. It’s always fun to have folks that have never been in a helicopter before. I mean, it’s always fun to fly, but when you can share that first experience of flight with someone it’s extra special. As we took off, you could just feel the raw and unadulterated excitement of Jeremy & Ashley, and we couldn’t help thinking of the feelings of anticipation that must be making Jeremy’s heart be pounding out of his chest and all the thoughts of his beloved that were racing through his mind, as our excellent pilot Chris Dobkins obtained clearance from the Scottsdale airport for our departure and took to the sky. Our flight took us NorthEast, over the McDowel Mountains, Fountain Hills and the Salt River to Bartlett Lake, where we turned off the coms and let the couple enjoy a private channel to have their magic moment in the sky. Jeremy took Ashley by the hand and reached into his right pocket as he spoke those words “Will you marry me?” and you could swear that it was the fourth of July and there were fireworks exploding everywhere as Ashley let Jeremy take her hand and slip on the symbol of his undying love and affection and promise to love her forever with everything he had. Truth? The photographer almost cried too. It was pretty beautiful. And how Ashley kept it together I don’t rightly know, but that moment is one that they are sure to remember for the rest of their lives. It seemed like the rest of the tour back down through Cave Creek & Paradise Valley went by in a blur… like rotor blades weren’t flying us, but rather these soft dreamy wings of serotonin and dopamine… in other words, wings of pure love. And I assure you dear reader, the writer of this is not normally the mushy and sentimental type. It was purely unavoidable. True love is just infectious. And in the hands of our truly experienced pilot Chris Dobkins, it felt just like floating. We landed, back at SunState Helicopter Tours headquarters 45 minutes after takeoff like a butterfly, and as you can see in the photos, Jeremy and Ashley were very very happy. We took a couple more shots by the helicopter, snapped a couple shots of Ashleys gorgeous new bling and headed out to take some “just engaged” photos to properly document the moment. And that kids, is how it’s done. Way to go Jeremy & Ashley! Congratulations, and may you have all the love your hearts can hold!